Time to invest in your community and the Belleville Area Cultural Foundation.

OFFICERS:   Officers are elected for a one year term at the Annual Membership Meeting.

President: Ron Groffy
V.P: Steve Przybyl
Treasurer: Carol Eberhardy
Secretary: Kim Goke

DIRECTORS:  3 directors are elected for a 3 year terms at each Annual Members Meeting.
2024 Term:
Jerry Remy
Jill Remy
Kim Goke
2025 Term:
Sue Bonacker
Carol Eberhardy
Steve Przybyl 
2026 Term:
Ron Groffy
Darlene Hendrickson
Phil Fransen

*Rev. William Stevens – Founding Father, Past President, Director Emeritus (1916-2009)


These Personal, Business and Organization Memberships are making a difference in the Greater Belleville Area! As a shareholder you need do nothing or all you want to do as a member. As a shareholder, you help make programs possible. Please join your friends and neighbors. Your contribution is tax deductible. With every household, business and organization as a member, just about any program is possible! Please Click Here To Complete Your Membership Share Application. We thank you for your contribution.


CODE:   (*)  Deceased or Out of Business  /  (F)   Founding Member /                 (FF) Founding Father  /  (H) Honorary Member

John & Joanne Acomb (F)

Jack* & Marion* Adams (F)

Alliant Energy

Anderson Custom Processing

Mary Austin (Don*) (F)

Alexa Backovitch

Michael Milan Backovich

Colton Bahr

Nathan Bahr

Dawn Bahr (F)

Dawn & Gary Bahr

Gary Bahr (FF)

Derek Bahr

Stephanie Bahr Backovich

Sydni Bahr

Todd & Debra Bahr (F)

Trenton Bahr (F)

Weston Bahr

Dennis & Rachael Baker

Brad & Gail Beal (F)

Claude* & Helen* Becker (F)

Howard* & Della* Beil (F)

Barbara Belle & Robert* (F)

Belleville Community Club

Belleville Hometown Pharmacy

Belleville Recorder 

Belleville State Bank*

Belleville Veterinary Service

Herb & Luane Blaser (F)

BNG Investment Services

David & Marilyn Bollig (F)

Fred & Sue Bonacker

Gerald G. & Janette E. Brown

Gary & Sandy Bubenzer

Cameo Rose Bed and Breakfast

Gene & Lori Cate

Paul Cate & Joanne*

Citizens State Bank*

Jesse* & Ruth* Cotham (F)

Kevin & Jennifer DeLorme

Mark Dohm

Dorothy Donlin* (F)

Joseph & Dianne Donlin (F)

Michael & Nancy Doral

Phillip & Eli Durst (F)

Eric & Carol Eberhardy

Dave & Jill Eustice

William* J & Pauline* Fahey (F)

William L. & Ann Fahey (F)

Eugene* & Linda* Farley (F)

Flesch Chiropractic Ltd

Bonnie Francois (Paul*)

Clara Francois* (F)

Ed Francois

Francois Sales and Service

Richard* & Monica* Francois (F)

Phil & Sandy Fransen

LeRoy & JoAnn Freitag

Marlene J. Freitag

Forrest* & Joyce* Fritz (F)

Elaine D. Gerber

Rodger & Kim Goke

Green Meadow Stables

Ronald & Linda Groffy

C.H.* & Betty* Hageman (F)

Doug Hagen & JoAnn Gruber-Hagen

Hellenbrand Septic Services

Rich & Darlene Hendrickson (F)

Janice Hindson & Fritz Diederich

Robert & Judith Hoenisch

James & Esther Huntoon

Gordon* & Beverly* Jenkins

David & Patricia Judd

Annie Kelsch* (F)

Richard & Darlene Kittleson (F)

Terry & Jean Kringle

Kathryn Lamboley*

Marilyn Lampman (James*)

Nita Larson & Dwayne*

Gary (FF) & Sue Loertscher (F)

Ernest & Jeanine Mabis (F)

Letha McCormick* (F)

Edna Mellenberger*

Carol Miller*

Miller & Sons Grocery

Sharon McCormick

Peter & Georgiann McDonald (F)

Rodger & Judy Moe (F)

Monona Bank  (Formerly Belleville Community Bank)

Linda Monson (F)

Glenn Sr* & Gen* Morrick

Rev. Don Nelson* (F)

Kurt Neumann & Christine Belle

Michael & Cindy O’Connor (F)

Ruth O’Connor (F)

William III & Joan O’Connor

Esther Lehrherr Olson*

John F. Pamperin

Mary Pauli & Robert*

James Pautzke (Judy*) (F)

Leo* & Evelyn* Piller (F)

Steve & Teresa Przybyl

Harley* & Agnes* Rasmussen (F)

Jerald & Yvonne Remy (F)

John & Jill Remy

John* & Anna Lu* Ringgenberg

Richard & Laura Roberts (F)

Don & Ruth Robinson

Steve & Marguerite Rohde

Joan Root & James*

Gary & Susan Sam

William* & Kathryn* Sayles

William & Pamela Scheibel (F)

Walter* & Frieda* Schindler (F)

Schwoegler’s Sugar River Lanes

Wes Severson & Esther Olson

Paul* & Lois* Schnake (F)

Bessie Schuler* (F)

Stuart & Wendy Shapiro

Robert Sholts &  Helen* (F)

Jack* & Phyllis* Short

Mary Short*

Dr. Paul & Ladonna Smith

Robert & Meredith Smith

William Smith & Mavis* (F)

Anne Spencer (FF,H)

Arlene Stadelman & John*

Tim & Lori Stadelman

Doris Stevens* (F)

Ruth Stevens*

Jane Stevens

John Stevens

Rev. William Stevens* (FF)

Sugar River Bank

Jo Ann Therkelson* (F)

Jennifer Tuscher (F)

Ronald Tuscher

Union Bank & Trust*

Ron & Connie Waelti

Eric & Judith Warmuth

William Wilcox & Julie Porto

Veta Bernice Williams* (F)

Greg & Betty Wolff

Jerry J. Zimmerman


Memorials may be given to the Belleville Area Cultural Foundation Inc. in memory of your loved ones. Your gift is a truly living memorial that will serve the community forever as part of the bank and investment funds or as instructed by you or your estate. All contributions will help inspire our youth and citizens in the future.

You may also name the Foundation in your will for a dollar amount or percentage of your estate. The earnings from the funds are used towards bringing cultural and entertaining programs to our families and future generations.

Thank you for your memorial gift.


  1. Complete the form on the JOIN page as a “Memorial” and send with your first payment…
  2. Mail your check payable to the BACF (write “Memorial” in the memo line)and send to: BACF, POB 406, Belleville, WI 53508.
  3. Thank you for your memorial gift.

In Loving Memory of:

Jack Adams $25

Donald Austin $50

Kenneth R. Bahr Sr. $500

Wayne D. Bahr $500

Wanda Cate $25

Richard Cotham $500

Arthur Dix $500

Judith Dix $500

Betty Hageman $100

C.H. Joe Hageman $75

Jerry Hendrickson $50

Minnie Krieser $500

Wesley Krieser $500

Wanda Lemons $100

Lincoln Marty

Maxine Marty

Glenn & Genevieve Morrick $350

Rev Don Nelson $3000

Harold Nolden $50

Bessie Schuler $25

Doris Stevens $385

Rev. William V. Stevens $100

Rev. Wm V. Stevens $3,600.35

Dennis Weber $500

Ellward Wolff $500

Rosalie Wolff $500


Members and non-members may make tax deductible donations to the Belleville Area Cultural Foundation Inc in any amount. Your donation will help grow the programs or the bank and investment funds.

Thank you for your donations!

Belleville Area Cultural Foundation * POB 406 * Belleville, WI 53508

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