Building Your Foundation… Please complete your application below.

We have a dream to bring the World to Belleville – Aaron Rodgers, Josh Groban, Garrison Keillor, The Dali Lama, Danny O’Donnell, Dolly Parton, Bo Ryan and your favorite person or group. When each area household and business invests in one BACF membership share, we will have the greatest small town foundation in the World!

Your membership in the BACF is a share in your community’s foundation that will make a difference for you and future generations in the Belleville area – forever.


The unique BACF membership plan places your tax deductible memberships fees in bank and investment funds. The principal is never spent! Only the interest earned is spent on new programs. The beauty of the BACF funds is that more members means a greater fund, greater earnings and greater programs.

Current members have done their share. As your friends and neighbors, they make our programs possible. They need your support. If everyone does their share in the BACF, anything is possible for future programs and inspiration for our youth and future generations.

Your BACF Directors have made it possible for every household and business to afford a $500 membership share with annual payments as low as $50 (the price of a tank of gas or a dinner out). Many of your neighbors, friends, businesses and organizations have joined.

It takes a village to build a Foundation. The sooner your membership donation becomes part of the fund, the sooner more programs can come to our community. The goals mean greatness for Belleville, our members, our children, grandchildren, future generations and our foundation. You cannot out-give your community.


Please Complete Your Membership Share Form to begin sharing these benefits:

  • Your membership share is a gift to your family and your community and the future.
  • You will be proud to be a member who has bought a share!
  • Your investment with your neighbors makes the Belleville area a better place to live.
  • You help bring the arts, education, entertainment and special events to the area.
  • You help keep the cost of tickets at a minimum, even free.
  • You inspire your children and grandchildren with inspiring programs.
  • Your support finances a BACF annual scholarship to a deserving student.
  • You can help select the educational and entertaining programs of the future.
  • Your Foundation involves our youth in our programs when possible.
  • You will not have to drive to Madison to see great performances.
  • You help bring recognition to the Belleville area for our special events.
  • You help bring people and business to the Belleville area during programs.
  • You are recognized publicly as a contributor to your community’s welfare.
  • Your investment in your community is the best form of business advertising.
  • Your contribution is affordable and tax deductible.
  • Your contribution helps the current members who are carrying the load.


Your Membership Share involves the tax deductible donation of $500 payable $50 per year for 10 years, or $100 for 5 years, or $250 for 2 years or $500 when joining. The first payment is due when you join and each year thereafter in October until paid in full. The low $50 annual payments make it possible for most anyone to be a member. Your membership payments go into a permanent bank and investment funds of which only earnings are used to make future events affordable.


Questions? Call Carol Eberhardy (608-424-3943) or another Board Director or see “Contact” page.

Copy form below, Select Type and Name:

___ Business or Organization Membership Name: ______________________________________________

___ Personal Membership Name(s):  ______________________________________________

___ Memorial Amount $_________  Name: ______________________________________________

___ Donation Amount $_________  Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City: ____________________________  State: _____ Zip: _______

Personal Phone: (__________) – ________ – ______________

Business Phone: (__________) – ________ – ______________

Email Address: ______________________________________

Select Annual Membership Payment: ___ 1x$500 ___ 2x$250 ___ 5x$100            ___ 10x$50

Enclose 1st Payment with Application to BACF, POB 406, Belleville, WI 53508.

In consideration of others, I/we wish to become a member shareholder in the Belleville Area Cultural Foundation, Inc and herein pledge $500 to be placed in the permanent investments to be paid in payments as indicated on the membership information form below. I/we are sending a check for our first payment and will pay when billed each year hereafter in October the payment selected above until the membership share is paid in full.

Signature(s):  ____________________________________________________

Send checks to: BACF, P.O. Box 406, Belleville, WI 53508.
NEED HELP? Call Carol Eberhardy 424-3943, see “Contact” page or contact one of the Directors.

Belleville Area Cultural Foundation * POB 406 * Belleville, WI 53508

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