Your Foundation’s History

“A Small Town, Non-Profit, Neighbor to Neighbor, Community Effort.”

The Belleville Area Cultural Foundation actually began on November 1, 1987 when Merrill Womach presented a concert in Belleville and 1300 people attended. The event was promoted by Rev. William Stevens of the Methodist Church in Belleville. As a result of that program, several citizens of the community met to discuss ways and means of bringing more outstanding programs to the area.

Rev. William Stevens (1916-2009) had the idea to bring cultural and educational programs to the area. He went to the Citizens State Bank in town to borrow the money to bring Womach to town. He had faith in himself and in those he asked to help sponsor the event and pay the loan back if things did not go as he planned. How he filled the gym with 1300 people is a miracle. He and his wife wrote every church in a 70 plus mile radius and asked them to travel to Belleville to hear a Christian singer. He paid the loan back at the bank and the rest went to his church. He made some believe in miracles.

There was a determined decision to bring nationally and internationally known persons and groups to the Belleville area, expanding the entertainment and cultural opportunities and inspiration to those who live in the area.

Rev. Stevens is the Founding Father of the BACF. He cornered Joe Hageman, Gary Loecher, Anne Spencer and Gary Bahr to meet and work out the details for a Foundation. After months of discussions and planning, the Belleville Area Cultural Foundation Inc was organized, incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and registered as a public foundation with the help of Atty William Fahey, and structured so that it will bring entertainment and educational programs to Belleville for eternity. The Foundation and events are only limited by the number of membership shares that are sold. Rev. Bill Stevens did his job. We need to do our share.

Today, we are looking for your support. We are a growing community and need new members to help promote the arts and educational, entertaining and cultural events that will inspire, entertain and inform our children, grandchildren, and future generations in The Greater Belleville Wisconsin Area. As a member you could influence the selections of talent that appears before us and help guarantee quality programs forever.

Belleville Area Cultural Foundation * POB 406 * Belleville, WI 53508

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